Interior Designers: When You Should Hire Assistants?

We’ve all been there: the hiring overwhelm, the endless resumes, the “Is this the right fit?” anxiety. Relax, take a deep breath, and let’s reframe this whole thing. Think of it like dating, not marriage. You wouldn’t jump the broom after a single coffee date, right? Hiring’s the same – it’s a journey of discovery, a chance to find the perfect business partner who shares your vision and fuels your dreams.

But before you swipe right on every resume, let’s talk timing. 

Your first love in this journey? General assistant. 

General assistants have a wide skill set, freeing you from administrative burden from the start. This allows you to focus on projects and nurture your creativity while they handle repetitive tasks such as email and call management, schedule coordination, invoicing payment processing and more.

Now, if you want to expand your design business (which I know you do), the key is to be consistent with your online presence. That’s where the marketing assistant comes in. They become your marketing powerhouse as they ensure your voice reaches the right audience. I’m talking about social media management, content creation, email marketing and market research.

As your business grows, you might find yourself drowned with more operational tasks. That’s when a personal assistant becomes your knight in shining armor. Forget about doing more tasks and focus on your interior design work. 

When you focus on doing your best, your skills improve, you’ll have more chances to get more clients. 

Finally, your interior design business has more clients than ever. You’d need more hands on deck so it’s time to hire a design assistant. They’ll handle technical tasks like CAD drawings and 3D modeling and their support ensures high-quality service and helps you scale seamlessly.

Remember, building your dream team takes time and intention. Set up a clear process to evaluate candidates, and don’t rush the decision. With the right approach, you’ll find the perfect partners who can help you succeed in the long run. With the right process, you have data, not just gut feeling. 

So, put on your metaphorical dating hat, get excited about the possibilities, and start building the team that will take your design business to the next level!


Thank you for reading!

– Salimah Mamdani

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