These clients invested in themselves, worked hard, followed the system and overcame personal challenges to get the results they were after.


These clients invested in themselves, worked hard, followed the system and overcame personal challenges to get the results they were after.

Pattie Kelly

Pattie acquired a lot of clarity and knowledge from the Fully Booked Designer that she could apply and execute in her business. What she liked best about the program was that she was held accountable for taking the essential practical measures, which were time-bound.

Pattie has become a fully booked designer because of her dedication and willingness to act quickly.

Yvonne Harty

Yvonne worked 60 to 70 hours a week running Harty Interiors, her three-year-old interior design business. She had no clear path and no processes in place, and did not know what she was doing. As a result, she was exhausted, unable to spend time with her kids, and generally unsatisfied with her business. 

The Fully Booked Designer program gave Yvonne the clarity, confidence and support needed to take her business to the next level. And this led her to earning $30k in design fees in 30 days!

Yvonne can now spend quality time with her kids while achieving the great results she wanted for her business.

Sheena Wilden

For Sheena, joining the Fully Booked Designer has been a complete game-changer. Just before joining the program, Sheena had launched a brand new business with a complete new branding and direction from her past work. This led her to feeling lost and confused in the myriad of options.  She recognized that she lacked direction and clarity, and needed help to pull it all together.

She found the perfect community of success-oriented designers to fill in the gaps in her life and career. Her personal mentoring from Salimah and the support of the Fully Booked Designer community helped her achieve her goals. 

One of the amazing things Sheena learned from the program was how to confidently pitch her services, and this confidence has become her business’s secret weapon.

Lynda Huffman

Lynda has over 25 years of experience as a designer and did design as a gig for 22 years. In 2019, she made the decision to go full time in designing. However, she faced a lot of challenges establishing her business because of the pandemic.

She took a leap of faith to join Fully Booked Designer in 2021. She was at odds with herself over her pricing because she had only been billing by the hour. Nevertheless, she remained committed to taking action and following the tips and tricks from our program until her business reached SIX FIGURES. She has even hired an assistant to help her.

Learn how to transform your side gig into a six-figure business, just like Lynda did with hers.

Lori Miller

Lori joined our program upon recognizing her need for assistance in generating leads and establishing herself as a fully booked designer.

Following her enrollment in our program, she signed three major design projects and became fully booked for the next 6 months. That’s not all. Last year, Lori’s design firm earned over 7-figures, was mentioned in several major magazines, and had speaking engagements all over the country.

For Lori, our program gave her the tools necessary to navigate the online world as well as the tangible measures she needed to take to achieve key professional milestones.

Watch her amazing journey.

Adriele & Elizabeth

Adriele and Elizabeth are business partners and co-owners of House Meraki Interior Design in Colorado.

Prior to enrolling in our program, they had worked on smaller projects and various design jobs. They were not charging the prices they desired for their services. They discovered their niche after implementing the strategies they acquired in our program and have been able to increase their prices and attract their ideal clients. Indeed, confidence in your services and worth is a superpower!

Listen to Adriele and Elizabeth’s advice if you, too, wish to be a Fully Booked Designer. Join us and “just do it.”

Comfort Smithson

Comfort Smithson of was a trained architect and certified home stager. For the last couple of years, she refers to herself as a SAHM (stay-at-home mum). And when she was ready to launch her business, she found herself amidst a pandemic.
Comfort didn’t want to spend months trying to figure out how to launch her business…
Learn exactly what Comfort did to become a Fully Booked Designer. 

Cathy Tonks

Cathy Tonks of has been in business for over 17 years and operates a 7-figure design and construction biz, along with a showroom that supports 10 other local designers.
However, Cathy’s business wasn’t immune to the effects of the pandemic. Cathy knew it was time to revisit her marketing practices and uplevel her skills.
Learn what steps Cathy took to book new consults week after week, and ultimately closing $56,000 in sales in just ONE WEEK. 

Nicole Reid

Going from unsure to 100% confident! Nicole joined FBD as a blogger with a side hustle in interior design. After revamping her signature service and going all-in on her interior design business, Nicole was able to charge higher prices and have a streamlined process for bringing new clients on.

Fully Booked Designer changed her life! And now she has the confidence to continue growing her business.

Will Brown

Will Brown joined FBD after he was designing as a side hustle for 10 years, and starting his business 2 years ago. He came in knowing that he had not traveled the traditional path of interior design, but had a lot of practical experience.

As he hones in on his ideal projects and clientele, he continues to grow and learn, putting in the work to make his business successful. Will has learned to leverage his past connections and projects to help fill his schedule, to stay Fully Booked

Nicolette Jarquin

Nicolette is a Kitchen and Bath designer in North California, who recently took over her family business of selling kitchen cabinets. While Nicolette had been designing for a while, she was a complete newbie to the world of digital marketing.

We began working together and what I discovered is that Nicolette’s true passion was to take the family cabinet business to offer full kitchen design services and be the advocate for her clients rather than just sell products.

We transformed her messaging and positioning in a way that would showcase her design skills and industry knowledge by going live on Facebook consistently. Was she nervous? Yes. Was she scared? Of course. But she was also brave and committed.

Today, Nicolette is on track to double her company’s sales revenue. She is hiring a new team for installation and administration. 

Katherine Maund

Meet Kat, a former marketer turned interior designer, is Fully Booked thanks to learning how to invest in herself and trusting herself again.

She had a gorgeous website, posted regularly on social media, and a team of designers and stagers working in her firm in Portland Oregon firm. Before joining our program, she was barely making enough income to keep the lights on and make payroll. She had a goal of earning $8,000 a month.

Her story is absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL and you’ll hear how she overcame her fear of investing in herself and learned how to lead her company out of the pandemic and making over $68,000 in just 10 weeks.

Claire Gudmanz

Claire had tried every approach to building her business – from hiring a marketing team to partnerships. She was also raising two little girls under the age of five.

Within a short period of time, Claire was able to recalibrate her marketing and started connecting with her ideal clients. She has earned more income in just 12 weeks, than she did over the last 12 months.

Claire also managed to rebrand her website and has hired a team to manage her Fully Booked design business.

Shona Bascon

From starting a brand new business to becoming Fully Booked in 5 months.

Meet Shona who had recently bought a window coverings franchise and was just beginning her entrepreneurial journey when the pandemic put her plans to a halt.

Even though as a franchise owner, Shona had access to loads of marketing training, when she started to apply our way of attracting clients – other franchisees began to take notice. She has taken a competitive business and carved her own path and the leading are rolling in.

Sarah Burghard

During the last round of lockdown in the UK, Sarah, decided to use it to her advantage in launching her design business.

Whereas many others would choose to blame COVID for not making their income goals Sarah decided to turn a negative into a positive.

She showed up for herself and her business every single week, and implemented every single module while getting Fully Booked with new clients. Not only that, Sarah has launched an initiative that gives back to the community. She is proof that you can build a fabulous business without sacrificing what is important to you.

Frances Boychuk

Even after 20 years of experience, Frances was still charging like it’s 1999 and taking on Every. Single. Client that came her way.

No wonder she was feeling burnt out and was ready to walk away from designing. Then she discovered Fully Booked Designer.

With less than half of the training under her belt, she was able to STOP chasing her tail implementing old marketing tactics, get laser-focused on her Signature service and her ideal clients.

Adelaide Mulry

Adelaide graduated with a degree in Interior Design and worked for some of the most prestigious design firms.

Then she got a real estate license while starting a family.

And when she suddenly found herself raising 3 daughters as a single mom, she decided to go get her National staging certification. 

Watch how Adelaide learned to target her ideal clients and create a business plan to build a thriving business. 

Barbara Nyke

Barbara says: Just like design itself, learning how to market your business is an organic process. You need to work with a mentor to understand your strengths and refine your messaging so you can scale quickly. I got the skills, the confidence, and clarity needed to rapidly grow the business that will serve me for years to come.

Marcia Perrotte

As a multi-award winning Kitchen and Bath Designer, Marcia was ready to upgrade her marketing and messaging to match. She also brings a unique experience that is invaluable for her clients. Now she has a business and a brand that truly reflects just that.  

Jenni Leasia

Before joining the Fully Booked Designer program, Jenni tried everything under the sun to bring consistency in her marketing efforts.

She even hired a marketing agency, and an SEO company to help her get noticed by her prospective clients.

She was tired of guessing her marketing strategy and juggling her duties at her design firm. She wanted a step-by-system.

Once inside FBD she was able to STOP chasing her tail with scattered marketing tactics… and cut through all the noise by getting laser-focused!

Sandra Murphy

Sandra worked with a lot of coaches before signing up for Fully Booked Designer. But every single program offered limited, dated, tactical training.  This left Sandy feeling confused, frustrated and not seeing any results in her interior design business.

She felt like there HAD to be a better way to reach more people on social media. But the thing is, she didn’t know anything about online or digital marketing.

We began working together and what Sandy discovered in the program far outweighs her initial expectations and will deliver her results for years’ to come.

Giovanna Perot-Averill

To say that Giovanna Perot-Averill completed the Fully Booked Designer program on a high note… would be an understatement.

First of all she got clear on who her best clients are, and how to position her services so that getting a YES, is a no brainer.

Second, she got the confidence she needed to create content that immediately makes her stand apart from all other designers in her market.

And lastly, she is going to be featured in Canada’s biggest design and decor magazine @houseandhomemag ….something that had been only a dream before.

How amazing is that!?

Kaya Ramesh

Kaya joined Fully Booked Designer at the start of the pandemic. With schools in lockdown and shelter in place everywhere, the challenges of raising kids while growing an interior design business seemed unsurmountable in the beginning.

Kaya talks about managing time, energy and expectations – which is not only key during the pandemic, but applies to every other day.

With the right strategy and support, Kaya not only survived the pandemic but thrived. She raised her pricing, her services and grew her business by 300%. 

Cynthia Bolton-Smith

She had designed over 100 projects during her career only to realize that she was not making any profits. In other words, she was paying her suppliers and contractors and making very little income.

But this is a woman who survived breast cancer and during the process learned how to come out strong on all fronts – including her business. So it’s no surprise that she managed to shed all the marketing processes that weren’t serving her, and now she’s averaging 4-5 in new client inquiries A WEEK!

Barb Ivey

When Barb, a full service designer with decades’ of experience under her belt, joined the program she was looking to take things up a notch.

She was ready to learn new ways of attracting new clients, and offer her services to a new segment of the market. In other words, she was ready to give her business a complete makeover. And the strategy paid off.

Today, Barb is successfully working with clients she adores and on projects where she is doing her best work. And she had celebrated her most successful month in her career.

ready to transform your business?