This is Ishita’s Success Story
One Year After Joining
the Fully Booked Designer

Ishita Lalan
5 Seasons Homestays
Cedar Rapids, IA

“Upon joining FBD in 2022, I was able to charge 3x more on my first contract. I earned a total of $168k that year and it was phenomenal. Today, 4th of May (in just 4 months), I have $200k worth of projects on my books. I can see my way to financial freedom sooner than what I would have hoped for!”

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When Ishita joined the Fully Booked Designer program, she had been working in the design industry for only a year and had recently launched her own interior design business. She had a number of clients but was charging them too little, which led to exhaustion and prevented her from spending enough time with her family. Through the FBD program, Ishita gained confidence in her Signature Service (Vacation Rental) and learned how to price herself and attract her ideal clients. She’s one of the designers in the vacation rental who is charging way more than any designers out there.

Hear her story of building a successful interior design business.

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