I help interior design business owners earn more income.


A designer or decorator who is ready to build a profitable business and a fabulous lifestyle.

You are destined for more.

You have what it takes: a big vision, amazing design skills and a desire to leave a bigger mark.

You are a go-getter and an action taker.

But you’re stuck in neutral, no matter how hard you try or how many hours you put in, things aren’t moving forward.

To grow your business to 6-figures and beyond, you’ll need the right level of commitment, coaching and a community to support you along the way.


A Signature Service. Get clear on who your ideal clients are. And how to brand and market your design firm to attract high-end clients with ease. 

Position you as a design influencer. Use a Signature System so that your clients respect your expertise and your boundaries. 

Process to command premium fees.  Earn income (not sales revenue), while working with fewer, high end clients so you can enjoy more free time with your loved ones.

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5 Shifts Designers Are Making To Build A Profitable 6-Figure Interior Design Business


Week after week, Salimah brings new ideas and commitment to help you get more clients and more sales. There is nowhere to go but UP. My business got better. My marketing got better, everything started to gel for me, and my numbers got better!

Heather Bates

Salimah Mamdani blows my mind! She is acutely aware of what interior design professionals need for marketing in today’s tough markets. I’ve been searching for my signature service for a very long time. Salimah helped me make this vision a reality.

Frances Boychuk

My business has made a complete 180-degree turn since working with Salimah! I got the confidence and clarity needed to refine my messaging to target my dream clients, and quickly grow my business.

Barbara Nyke


Meet and grow with our online community of design professionals. Plus, get free training and challenges to help you keep on your A-Game. 


The Ultimate Social Media Guide

Learn how to leverage social media the right way and attract your dream clients 24/7

Websites That Grow Your Design Business

Find out if your website is doing it’s part in helping you connect & convert with your ideal clients.

The Fully Booked Designer Workbook

How to create a business that reliably generates a 5-figure income every single month.

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