This is Mikki’s Success Story after Joining the Inner Circle and Next Level Mastermind



 Alter Design Studio
 Vancouver, CA

“One of the most important things Salimah taught me was how to charge. That was the magic behind the secret curtain I couldn’t see. I’ve had very few people balk, and the ones that have balked would have balked at my lower rates, too. (As of May 2023) I have a project that is going to give me over $100k in design fees!”

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Mikki began her interior design business a few months before the global pandemic outbreak. She had a good number of potential clients, but she had not been earning premium fees because she did not know how to price her services. Joining the FBD program gave her the knowledge, processes, tools, right mindset, and confidence to market herself locally. She learned how to charge premium fees. Now she is fully booked and only works with her ideal clients.

Listen to her story of success and gain insights from her.

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