Managing a business on your own is a challenging task. From hunting your potential client to managing your social media pages to attending discovery calls. On top of that, you need to create the design you promised to provide. No wonder you’re getting drained!

 So here’s a quick tip from most business owners. Hire assistants. Outsource the tasks so you can focus more on what you do best.

Here are the 4 Types of Assistants You Should Hire

  • General Assistant

    Imagine being bombarded with emails, calls, and invoices every day. You have to schedule meetings and send invoices to follow up on your leads, and by the time you need to design your work, your creativity is already suffering.

    That is where the general assistant comes in, your organizational ninja. They streamline your workflow and save you precious hours. 

  • Marketing Assistant

    According to Play Media, investing up to 100 hours per month or more can help businesses achieve optimal results. Let’s be honest, 100 hours per month on marketing feels like a creativity killer.

    So instead of drowning in 100 hours of marketing per month, get a marketing assistant and designate that 100 hours to create stunning designs.

  • Personal Assistant

    Think you’re not ready for an assistant? Yet you spend too much time doing non-core tasks and the thing is, a personal assistant could reclaim 10-15 hours per week for design! That’s about 20% less stress and more freedom to pursue your passions which can help fuel your creative energy.

  • Design Assistant

    A design assistant becomes invaluable as your design business scales and projects become more complex. They can handle tasks like research, CAD drawings, 3D modeling, or project management, freeing you to focus on the creative vision and client interaction.

    Hiring an assistant is not a luxury but an investment for your well-being and design business. While you focus on big things, you can build a satisfactory service and take your design business to new heights. 

Before you get lost in a handful of resumes, find out more reasons why you need to hire assistants

Thank you for reading!

– Salimah Mamdani

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