Managing a business on your own is a challenging task. From hunting your potential
client to managing your social media pages to attending discovery calls.
On top of that, you need to create the design you promised to provide. 

No wonder that a lot of solopreneurs in the design business, or any businesses, are
getting drained. They get overwhelmed with all these tasks and unfortunately, it leads to
unsatisfactory service.

So what do most business owners do? They hire assistants. Right– they outsource
the tasks so they can focus more on what they do best. 

In addition, there are more benefits to hiring assistants for your design business
(and we’ll talk more about that later).

Before you get lost in a handful of resumes, let’s break down the 4 essential roles
that can transform your design business.

4 Types of Assistants You Should Hire

1. General Assistant

Imagine being bombarded with emails, calls, and invoices every day. You have to
schedule meetings and send invoices to follow up your leads, and by the time you
need to design your work, your creativity is already suffering.

That is where the general assistant comes in, your organizational ninja. They
streamline your workflow and save you precious hours. 

My pro tip? Start your dream team with a general assistant and watch your design
business blossom as you delegate administrative tasks and unlock your creative potential.

2. Marketing Assistant

With thousands of competitors in the design business, you need to do something so you
can stand out and be seen. According to
Play Media, investing up to 100 hours per month
or more can help businesses achieve optimal results.
Let’s be honest, 100 hours per month
on marketing feels like a creativity killer. 

Picture this: Instead of drowning in 100 hours of marketing per month, you’re sketching
stunning designs and focusing on what you do best. Sounds pretty good, right?
marketing assistant can make it possible.

While you focus on big things, your marketing assistant will handle social media content
creation, and identify market trends, newsletters, ads, and other marketing campaigns.

When you have a marketing assistant, they help you to be consistent on social media
platforms. Plus, you’ll be able to build trust and relationships with your potential clients.

3. Personal Assistant

The third person to hire is your personal assistant. You might be thinking “Oh I’m not
ready to have an assistant.” Yet you spend too much time booking travel arrangements,
managing errands, or even doing laundry. 

A personal assistant could reclaim 10-15 hours per week for design. In other words,
it allows you to have breathing room for more projects and income. That’s about 20%
less stress and more freedom to pursue your passions which can help fuel your
creative energy. Yay!

Instead of seeing it as a luxury, invest in your well-being and watch your
design business soar from your newfound focus.

4. Design Assistant

Picture this: You’re starting to close more project deals and now you have
a lot going on.

As your design business scales and projects become more complex, a design
assistant becomes invaluable. They can handle tasks like research, CAD drawings,
3D modeling, or project management, freeing you to focus on the creative vision
and client interaction.

With a design assistant’s support, you can build a satisfactory service and take
your design business to new heights.

Why You Should Hire Assistants?

Now that you already know the 4 types of assistants you should hire, let’s dig
deeper into how they can transform your design business. I already mentioned some
of the benefits but here are some additional points that you should consider.

  • Assistants can increase your productivity by 20% in your design business.

While social media management and scheduling meetings are necessary tasks,
they are not core tasks. Assistants can take care of small tasks so you can focus
on improving your services.

  • Less stress and burnout.

Hiring for your design business means that a big load of work will be taken off
your plate. You can also achieve a perfect work-life balance. While the everyday
processes will be taken care of, you still have more time for family and hobbies.

  • Scalability and growth

Your assistants have a wide range of skills from graphic design skills for social
media visuals to project management skills.
Hence, they can help organize a system
so your business can smoother workflow and so you can focus on more pressing matters.

  • Enhanced client satisfaction.

Assistants can improve communication, responsiveness, and overall client experience.

So, you’ve seen the light: hiring assistants can transform your design business. 

I know how awful it can be to hire someone. Finding the right person takes time. 

Now here’s the deal: Think of it like dating: you have to find the right person. You wouldn’t
get married after just one coffee date, right? So think of the hiring process as a business
connection or a journey to find out more about someone. 

Take your time, and set up a process for their success to figure out who can help you succeed
in the long run. With the right process, you have data, not just gut feeling.

Remember, hiring isn’t just about filling a position; it’s about building a team. With the right
people by your side, you can finally shut off the solopreneur blues and watch your design
business grow. So, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the dating metaphor, and
find your dream team!


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