Most business owners (myself included) start with one post – whether it is on Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Threads.

They get so caught up in what to write, which image to use, whether it should be a reel or a
story, etc. Before you realize, you have wasted an hour or more with very little to show for.

But what if you could spend the same amount of time and end up with 24 or 30 different posts?

Today I’ll introduce you to a unique and powerful way to use one piece of content and use it to
create multiple posts that can appear on multiple channels, so you can be seen more and get
more leads..

This secret weapon is called the Content Multiplier.

The Content Multiplier is a simple technique that amplifies your marketing content across
platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and even local networks) by converting a
large piece of content (i.e. blog, lead magnet, case studies) into bite-sized pieces.

Here’s how to use Content Multiplier in your design business, in 5 steps:

1. Select a theme for your content
Here’s a copywriting secret: The best content always starts with a single idea.
With your audience and signature service in mind, identify interesting ideas to write about. For
example, if you specialize in kitchens and baths, then write about Cabinetry Trends or How to
Select The Right Hardware For Your Cabinets.
After choosing a topic, write one robust, long-form piece of content, such as a blog that is
approximately 500 words, and find images that support your content (more on that later).
Your goal should be to make sure the content is packed with value and answers some key
questions your target clients may have.

2. Find the corresponding images.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of interior design marketing, no truer
words have been spoken.
This often poses a challenge for those who are just starting out; or who can’t use their portfolio
from their last job; or even someone who has been around for a while but didn’t invest in
professional photography.
So what are you to do?
I recommend you research suppliers, bloggers, online magazines, and other designers – whose
style match yours – and always, always, always give credit for sharing their images.
But compromising on quality images can hurt your marketing efforts in the design industry.

3. Next, list your preferred platforms and content formats.
Now that you have your copy and supporting images, list all the platforms that your clients are
likely to be browsing on. For most interior designers, I am willing to bet that your clients are on:
Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and most likely also check their email and some
form of local group, community network, local paper, a community center, a school group, or a
country club.
List all the platforms on a piece of paper.
And then decide on the types of content for each platform. For example, within Instagram, you
can create posts, reels, and stories. You can turn your blog copy into a long-form YouTube
video, a podcast interview, or several short videos for YouTube Shorts.

4. Publishing and Distribution
After creating your list of small pieces of content from one big idea, it’s time for publishing and
Now, there are several apps that let you pre schedule your content on social media, but I prefer
Meta (which owns Facebook and Instagram) and for LinkedIn posts.
When I first started this method of posting and sharing content, my goal was to just show up and
share. As I started posting content more regularly, the platforms started to suggest when is a
good time for me to post, which can vary depending on your audience and the platform.
But don’t worry about it yet.

5. Don’t forget about this next step
The real (and only) reason for you to share your content on social media is to generate sales.
The more high-value content you create across various platforms, the more likely you are to
catch the attention of audience, build trust, and position yourself as someone of expertise and
So the crucial next step is for them to “take the next step”.
In other words, when publishing your content, be very clear on what next step you want your
audience to take. Otherwise, all this effort in content marketing will be for nothing.
Every time you repurpose one strong piece of content into bite-sized posts for different
platforms, you reach a wider audience with minimal effort.
Use these bite-sized social media posts as a “trojan horse” to bring them back to your website
where the long-form blog content resides.
This is called “passive selling,” and it works much better than aggressively promoting yourself all
the time.
By using this Content Multiplier, you now have multiple chances to get in front of your target
clients and increase the number of leads each month.
Give it a try and let me know how it works for you

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