This is Sheena’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Wilde Collective Ltd.
Kington, EN UK

“Before Fully Booked Designer, I felt I was lacking clarity. Fully Booked Designer helps you with structure and gives you accountability to grow. IT gave me the confidence to value myself and reach out to potential customers. Trust in Salimah!”

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For Sheena, joining the Fully Booked Designer has been a complete game-changer. Just before joining the program, Sheena had launched a brand new business with a complete new branding and direction from her past work. This led her to feeling lost and confused in the myriad of options.  She recognized that she lacked direction and clarity, and needed help to pull it all together.

She found the perfect community of success-oriented designers to fill in the gaps in her life and career. Her personal mentoring from Salimah and the support of the Fully Booked Designer community helped her achieve her goals. 

One of the amazing things Sheena learned from the program was how to confidently pitch her services, and this confidence has become her business’s secret weapon.

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