Finally, a step-by-step workbook to create an Interior Design Business That Reliably Generates 5-Figures Every Single Month 
(even if you are new to online marketing).

  • Discover how to create a lead generation system that delivers a constant flow of new leads and clients to secure a 5-figure monthly income for your business.
  • Plus you will learn how to give up-front value to the right clients so that you can stop wasting your time doing consultations with less-than ideal ones…
  • And how to position yourself as a design influencer in your market making competition irrelevant.

Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Salimah Mamdani and I am the founder and president of a 7-figure digital marketing agency in Toronto. Over the last 10 years, I have worked with top brands and retailers in Design and Décor industry.

Over the years I have been asked by dozens of design professionals, who are great at the design side of things, but have no idea how to market a business and find paying clients.

So I made it my mission to show designers, decorators and home stagers how to attract their DREAM clients using a proven (and simple) online marketing system that has helped my clients double or triple their revenue.

And in this workbook, I show you how…