This is Nicolette’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Arcata Cabinet & Design
Arcata, CA

“Before finding Salimah’s course, I wasn’t doing much marketing at all. I saw immediate results using Salimah’s course and landed a huge gig.”

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Nicolette is a Kitchen and Bath designer in North California, who recently took over her family business of selling kitchen cabinets. While Nicolette had been designing for a while, she was a complete newbie to the world of digital marketing.

We began working together and what I discovered is that Nicolette’s true passion was to take the family cabinet business to offer full kitchen design services and be the advocate for her clients rather than just sell products.

We transformed her messaging and positioning in a way that would showcase her design skills and industry knowledge by going live on Facebook consistently. Was she nervous? Yes. Was she scared? Of course. But she was also brave and committed.

Today, Nicolette is on track to double her company’s sales revenue. She is hiring a new team for installation and administration. 

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