This is Katherine’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Copeland + Co.
Portland, OR

“I decided to join FBD because I needed accountability and work with an expert. I now know what to do to get clients. I have a high view of what’s happening in my business and focus on growing my business. I’ve surpassed all of my income goals! I feel like the sky’s the limit after the last 6 weeks in Fully Booked Designer.” 

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Meet Kat, a former marketer turned interior designer, is Fully Booked thanks to learning how to invest in herself and trusting herself again.

She had a gorgeous website, posted regularly on social media, and a team of designers and stagers working in her firm in Portland Oregon firm. Before joining our program, she was barely making enough income to keep the lights on and make payroll. She had a goal of earning $8,000 a month.

Her story is absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL and you’ll hear how she overcame her fear of investing in herself and learned how to lead her company out of the pandemic and making over $68,000 in just 10 weeks.

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