This is Jenni’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Jenni Leasia Interior Design
Portland, OR

“Before Fully Booked Designer, I hired a marketing agency and SEO company to help me with getting in front of my ideal clients. But there wasn’t a lot of strategy behind it. With Fully Booked Designer I was able to make my marketing strategies better, without the program I wouldn’t have done these things.”

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Before joining the Fully Booked Designer program, Jenni tried everything under the sun to bring consistency in her marketing efforts.

She even hired a marketing agency, and an SEO company to help her get noticed by her prospective clients.

She was tired of guessing her marketing strategy and juggling her duties at her design firm. She wanted a step-by-system.

Once inside FBD she was able to STOP chasing her tail with scattered marketing tactics… and cut through all the noise by getting laser-focused!

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