This is Adriele’s & Elizabeth’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Adriele & Elizabeth
House Meraki
Denver, CO

“FBD helped us streamline our strategy to not be as overwhelming as before. We’ve learned how to knock out a month’s worth of content. We now know how to speak to our ideal clients. Whether you’re new designer or seasoned designer Fully Booked Designer can work for you”

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Adriele and Elizabeth are business partners and co-owners of House Meraki Interior Design in Colorado.

Prior to enrolling in our program, they had worked on smaller projects and various design jobs. They were not charging the prices they desired for their services. They discovered their niche after implementing the strategies they acquired in our program and have been able to increase their prices and attract their ideal clients. Indeed, confidence in your services and worth is a superpower!

Listen to Adriele and Elizabeth’s advice if you, too, wish to be a Fully Booked Designer. Join us and “just do it.”

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