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Salimah is in such high demand that she cannot talk to everyone.  She’s literally changing the lives of hundreds of interior designers.  This Life Changing Call will be that pivotal moment that you look back on as the spark that started it all for you.

Please mark this in your calendar and be ready for the call a few minutes early.  You will want to have a quiet disctraction free setting and don’t forget to bring your notebook and something to write with.


These clients invested in themselves, worked hard, followed the system and overcame personal challenges to get the results they were after.

Heather Bates

Week after week, Salimah brings new ideas and commitment to help you get more clients and more sales. There is nowhere to go but UP.

My business got better. My marketing got better, everything started to gel for me, and my numbers got better!”

Frances Boychuk

“I went from charging $75 per hour to earning $50,000 in just 2 months of completing your program. Before working with Salimah, I didn’t have proper boundaries in place. Now that I am getting paid better, I am doing a better job in how I deliver the service. And I have hired 2 staff to help me”.

“I really needed a business plan, something that I could follow and implement. The Fully Booked Designer program taught me where to focus my efforts, how to target my clients, so that I have constant flow of new work”.


Barbara Nyke

“Just like design itself, learning how to market my business has been an organic process. Working with Salimah, I was able to refine my messaging and scale quickly.  I got the confidence and clarity needed to rapidly grow my business and work with my dream clients”.

Marcia Perrotte

“My biggest breakthrough was understanding how to connect with my clients’ dreams. Since working with Salimah, I have more than doubled my rates and now have a waitlist of clients who want to hire me”.

Debi Collinson

“Thanks to the Fully Booked Designer program, I have re-branded my marketing where I am now getting recognized as an expert in my niche and people are calling ME to partner and work with me.

Before working with Salimah, I was probably my own biggest kept secret”.

Kalli George

“Fully Booked Designer program will forever change your perspective on your entire marketing strategy. Working with Salimah was a great investment and gave me clarity on how to promote my design business.