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Client Success Stories

“I just crossed the $200,000 mark in my first year in business – all thanks to Fully Booked Designer.”

Alyssa Martin

“In my first year as an interior design business owner, I made all of $5,000. After completing FBD, I made $5,000 in just 2 weeks”.

Chioma Obianyor

“I crossed the 6-figure mark in 6 months. I kept going and have earned over $368,000 in my first year in business”.

Ishita Nagda

“My business went from a teenager to a full-blown adult. I have systems to qualify clients and I earned $56,000 in just one week”.

Cathy Tonks

“FBD helped me grow my business much faster than I imagined and helped me focus on my most profitable area with confidence!”.

Shona Sinsi Bascon

“I set a goal of earning $25,000 in design fees. Within just 10 weeks, I was able to surpass that number and reached $30,000″.

Jen Childs