FBD – Next Level Mastermind

Congratulations! You have completed FBD – Inner Circle and have acquired the skills to attract your ideal clients and grow your business.  You’ve learned so much. And you have transformed from the inside out.

You may have hit your income goals.
You may have launched your website.
And even ventured into the world of social media.
But the work has just begun!

FBD – Next Level Mastermind is your ticket to mastering the next level in your business with more confidence, clarity, and consistency. It’s your answer to continuing your journey to becoming a CEO of your design business CEO while working inside the FBD framework.

What you know by now…

How to create a Signature Service that speaks directly to your ideal client.
How to attract prospective clients using online marketing skills.
How to price your services and become more profitable.
How to build systems in your business to get more consistency.
How to create content that builds your expertise in your market.
How to create lead magnets and live videos to expedite your message in your market.


What you are facing right now…

The constant juggle between working ON versus IN your business.
New levels of success, clients, design projects in your business requiring your to make decisions at your Next Level.
Your limiting beliefs and stories keeping you stuck and forcing you to play small.
You may be feeling confused, overwhelmed, and maybe paralyzed to make decisions
Or…You may feel trapped in your newfound success or worse erode back to where you were before. 

Your growth may need more support and reinforcement become an integral part of you,
and to ensure you don’t wobble back to your old self.

FBD – Next Level Mastermind

Here’s everything that’s waiting for you:

This program is specifically designed to help you maintain consistency in your business results and to keep you on track to achieving your Next Level. There’s also plenty of fun along the way!

How it works:

  • 2 x monthly group training call
  • 1 x monthly 30min 1:1’s session with a leadership Mindset Coach 
  • Quarterly strategic planning intensives 
  • VIP ticket to Fully Booked Designer Live event – virtual or online.
  • A tight-knit community who lift each other up, fostered through Voxer


Investment in FBD Next Level
Flexible options to empower you to join us today

$1,000 USD/month
(min 12 months)

$9,000 USD
(save $3,000; best value)

2months x $5,000 USD
(save $2,000)

Need Help or Have Questions?
We’re happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the best choice for you.