This is Frances’s
Fully Booked Designer
Success Story

Frances Boychuk Interior Design
Kitchener, ON CA

“After Fully Booked Designer I was able to raise my price. I had so many leads I didn’t know what to do with them . Working with Salimah gave me the skills to transfer my skills to my new niche. I’ve now even had to hire help within my very own business!”

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Even after 20 years of experience, Frances was still charging like it’s 1999 and taking on Every. Single. Client that came her way.

No wonder she was feeling burnt out and was ready to walk away from designing. Then she discovered Fully Booked Designer.

With less than half of the training under her belt, she was able to STOP chasing her tail implementing old marketing tactics, get laser-focused on her Signature service and her ideal clients.

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